cold forming

Cold forming


Cold forming is a technology mainly dedicated to important mass production to manufacture fasteners such as bolts, special screws on plan, rivets or drilled rivets.

This process allows the manufacturing of parts by deforming metal coil.


 - High productivity

 - Dimensional accuracy (especially for diameters)

 - Material savings

 - High resistance to strain

 - Respect the structure of material.


 - Multi strike forming

 - Double forming press

 - Thread-rolling machine

 - Secondary-operation machining

 - Etc...


Materials used with a wire from Ø1.6 to 12 mm

 - Brass

 - Steel

 - Aluminium

 - Stainless steel.



Our Engineering Department calculates the critical areas using a software to determine the risk of cracks on parts or involving excessive force on tooling.